Saturday Showers at Mohegan Manor

$550 base price for 25 guest minimum and $17 to $22 per additional person above the 25 guest minimum

Suggestions listed below or create your own menu

  1. Sunrise Menu (plated)
    - Quiche (Bacon, ham or sausage)
    - Roasted potatoes
    - Fruit and yogurt
  2. Mid day Menu
    - Mixed green Salad or Tomato Cucumber
    - Chicken Waldorf on croissant
    - Chilled Cheese tortellini
    - Fresh fruit
    - Optional Carrot cake or Creme Brûlée or chefs selection ($4 per. Person)
  3. Basta Menu
    - Tomato, cucumber and mozzarella
    - Fresh bread with oil or garlic bread
    - Wedding Soup
    - Pasta choice
  4. - Optional Italian Lemon cake Or Chef selection $4 pp
  5. Queens Menu
    - Tea party
    - Tea sandwiches variety of 3-4
    - Fresh fruit salad
    - Scone dessert assorted
    - Teatini substituted for Mimosas
  6. Harvest theme
    - Roast pork loin
    - Sweet potato purée
    - Corn salsa
    - Warm cider
    - Apple or pumpkin pie $4 pp
    - Hard cider punch may be substituted for mimosas
  7. Country Club theme
    - Turkey club
    - Potato salad
    - Fresh chips
    - Fruit
    - Creme brûlée ($5 Per. Person)

Our daughter had her wedding at Mohegan Manor. Dennis and his staff made it easy to plan the event. The room and tables looked great. The staff was exceptional and very attentive to our needs. The food and appetizers were great. Everyone we talked to commented on how good their meal was. This is a jewel, if you are in the area, stop by and have a drink in the bar or try the restaurant or sushi bar.

– John. C from Yelp